About the Saat Saath Arts Curatorial Grant


The Grant bestows international curators with the resources to travel to India in order to support ongoing research into the region. International curators are selected on an annual basis for demonstrating a forward-thinking approach and engagement with global art practices and for their interest in India.


The program creates a unique itinerary designed to fit each individual curator’s research interests along with the opportunity to be introduced to artists, curators, writers, and thinkers during their visit. Each itinerary is formulated with the expertise of the Saat Saath Arts Foundation Team, Aparajita Jain and Peter Nagy. 


The goal of the curatorial grant is to provide international curators a deeper understanding of Indian contemporary art within the wider geographical context of South Asia. Saat Saath Arts is committed to promoting and presenting contemporary art from the Indian subcontinent internationally, with the aim to include Indian artists and themes in exhibitions, biennials, symposia, and museums worldwide. 


The next round of applications for the grant will open in the autumn of 2024.


About Saat Saath Arts


The Saat Saath Arts Foundation is an Indian non-profit organization that facilitates and links international exchange of Indian contemporary visual arts and education with the rest of the world. It was founded in 2010 by philanthropist and businesswoman Aparajita Jain. The organization supports annual research grants to curators globally and provides support and raises funds for international institutional exhibitions that include Indian artists. The Foundation is headquartered in New Delhi, India and has worked with museums and galleries across the world. Following are the key initiatives and roles of the organization.